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The Denmark Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Village constructed its new advanced secondary wastewater treatment plant in 1979-1980 and it became operational in September 1980. The plant was designed for an average daily flow of 600,000 gallons per day and a BOD of 1,665 pounds per day. This treatment facility (located at 400 Mahlik Lane) was expanded in 1992 to further increase the BOD capacity to 2,665 pounds per day with the addition of a biological filter ahead of the existing rotating biological contactor (RBC) process.

The wastewater generated within the Village travels through approximately fifteen (15) miles of sanitary sewer to a pump station located adjacent to Denmark Creek. Three (3) raw sewage pumps lift the wastewater to the head of the plant for treatment.

The treatment facilities include preliminary treatment with a fine screen and grit removal. Primary treatment consists of a forty (40) foot diameter primary clarifier where both scum and sludge are removed from the wastewater and treated in two (2) anaerobic digesters. After treatment in the primary clarifier, the wastewater is biologically treated through a fifty (50) foot diameter trickling filter followed by a four (4) stage rotating biological contactor process (RBC's). Phosphorus removal is achieved through chemical precipitation using Ferric Sulfate. After the RBC's the wastewater flows through two (2) final clarifiers in which the biological solids produced in the RBC process are removed and either recirculated to the primary clarifier or thickened by a a gravity belt thickener prior to anaerobic digestion and land application. Following the final clarifiers the treated wastewater is aerated through step aeration prior to discharge into the Denmark Creek, which is a tributary to the Neshota River.

The Denmark Wastewater treatment Plant has septage receiving facilities in which only septic and holding tank waste is accepted. Licensed waste haulers are required to secure a permit from the Village authorizing discharge.

Current rates are:
$9.00/1,000 gallons holding tank waste
$60.00/1,000 gallons septic tank waste

Water Utility Fees:
2013 Rate Sheet

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