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A Message from the Building Inspector


Village of Denmark, A message from the Building inspector


I've enjoyed the time I have been with the Village in Zoning Administration, Local Code Enforcement and Building Inspection. There are several items which have been recurring local code concerns, here are a few:

Swimming pools. Summer is upon us and people want to enjoy a swimming or wading pool. I encourage you all to use the Village facilities. If an onsite pool is desired, please contact me to insure public safety and for a permit. Any pool over 12 inches deep must be drained daily or covered to protect public safety. All above ground pools either temporary or permanent must have a fence a minimum of 48 inches in height or a fence attached to the top of an above ground pool.

Temporary signs. There has been a proliferation of temporary signs in the Village. Temporary signs are allowed, but do require permits.

Property Maintenance.  I also conduct local code inspections and will be sending letters of non-compliance to properties that need repairs (roofing, siding), debris on site, long grass or unlicensed vehicles. If you have concerns about a property please let me know. It helps to maintain property values.

Building Identification Numbers. I have noticed a number of buildings in the Village do not a have building number displayed. It is important that all buildings have their address displayed for emergency service and pizza delivery.

Please help keep the Village of Denmark a great place to live and work. 



Ralph Witte


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