Access to the High School needs to be from North Avenue at this time. Traffic from North Ave. needs to use the school entrances off of N. Wall Street and avoid the Highridge intersection.

A message from the Building Inspector


Building inspector notes

Summer is upon us and grass grows way to fast and summer is gone to quickly. Please help keep the Village in good condition and do your part to keep weed and grass growth in check. Use a mulching mower, put those valuable grass clippings back on the lawn and not in the street. Please let the Village know if a parcel needs to be cut. If you are planning a building project please take a look at the website for permit information or call 920-321-8937. Swimming pool safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, as swimming pool accidents are largely preventable. Please obtain a permit for any pool to be installed.

Please call with any questions. Have a great summer.



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